The 2020 Seminar Programme

Designed to help your child make the best possible transfer into the UK system.

13:00 Should I stay or should I go?

How does a Dubai education compare with its British counterpart?

13:00 Friday

  • Helen Garrison, Head of Fettes
  • Zoe Woolley, Head of Foremarke School Dubai

13:00 Saturday

  • Rebecca Tear, Headmistress of Badminton School
  • speaker TBC


14:00 When is the right time to make the move?

This talk will help you consider all the factors that will determine when it is the right time for your child to move to a top school.

14:00 Friday

  • Frank Thompson, Head of S. Anselms Prep

14:00 Saturday

  • Simon Conner, Registrar, Cheltenham College


15:00 Preparing for 11+ / 13+

This talk will be perfect for parents whose children will be sitting the pre-tests in 2020 and beyond.

15:00 Friday
15:00 Saturday

  • William Petty, Director, Bonas MacFarlane


16:00 How to get into a Top School

The aim of this talk is to demystify the admissions process and to offer insights that will help you to prepare your child for entry into a world-class school.

16:00 Friday

  • Arabella Stuart, Director of Admissions, Sevenoaks

16:00 Saturday

  • Diana Cree, Director External Relations and Communications, Lancing College