The programme of seminars is designed to help your child make the best possible transfer into the UK system.

These seminars will take place the same time each day.

 12:30 (Friday only) Passing the Entrance Exams to British Boarding Schools - demystifying the UKiset Test

Fiona Mckenzie - Director of Gabbitas Middle East

Developed by the experts at Gabbitas Education, UKiset is an assessment of intelligence and English language skills. With this one test, international students can apply to multiple schools; saving them time, money and (most importantly) stress. 

13:00 British Independent Education, the best option for your child?

Caitriona Redding – Head of International Admissions, Oundle School

British independent education is world-renowned, not only for its academic rigour and excellence, but more importantly its holistic and individual approach which ensures that every child reaches their full potential, wherever their strengths may lie. Choosing the school that will give your child the right opportunities to excel, whilst being supported and nurtured is crucial. This session will discuss why British education is so unique, and what to consider in prospective schools in order to find the right one for your child.

14:00 IB or A-Level, does it really make a difference?

Giles Vosper-Brown – Registrar, Malvern College

With more British education providers offering an IB curriculum than ever before, it is vital that parents understand the implications of following one or the other during school, to university and beyond. Our speakers are education heavyweights with many years of experience teaching both curricula. They’ll guide you through what it means to follow both at each stage, from the breadth of subjects and success rates, to higher education choices both in the UK and further afield.

15:00 8? 11? 13? 16? How can you tell when your child is ready to board?

Lucy Thornton – Head of Admissions, Windlesham House; Edrys Barkham Director of Admissions, Bryanston School

The flexibility of the British education system means that your child can start their academic adventure in the UK at a range of ages. We’ll talk you through the different considerations pertinent at each potential entry point, and how you can help to make sure that your child is ready to enjoy the next stage of their school life to the full.

16:00 Moving on, the US college system and how to maximise your child’s chances of success

Daniel De Witt - Director, Nemecek Bonas MacFarlane

The US continues to offer some of the best higher education opportunities in the world. But the application system and entry requirements for non-US citizens can be perplexing. Our expert in the US college system will provide you with insight and knowledge that will help you and your child increase the chance of a successful application.


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